Palatability enhancer in dog food

Pea fractions have the potential to add value to formulations and pea starch concentrate may be used to increase the palatability of pet foods and snack.

The test results show that the diet containing the pea starch concentrate had a significantly higher voluntary intake of food. These results appear to be consistent with the work completed by Behnke (Behnke, 2004) that found that the inclusion of whole peas up to 15% of the final diet increased the consumption ratio of dogs and therefore it may be the starch component of the peas that is responsible for this. Pea starch concentrate on its own has the potential to serve as a palatability enhancer for products.

Read the report ” Extrusion Charactheristics, Palatability and Health Implications of Pea Fractions in Dog Food by Bond, J.M. Pulse Canada, Winnipeg, Canada by Clicking here . The article has been found on the web-page of Best Cooking Pulses.