Why Vestkorn?

Vestkorn is the biggest producer in Europe of natural concentrates from dry milling of pulses. The privately owned company is also the only one in Europe running this kind of processing plant on a continous basis, 24 hours a day. As every miller knows, contionous operation prepares the ground for the best and most stable quality. Add to this operators specialised in running this process all the time and the most modern processingline in Europe. A processingline with a high-end monitoring system optimizing the parameters every 300 seconds to make the process and products as optimal as however possible.logo_FSA_PMS

To verify the high standards of Vestkorn, the company got certified by GMP + in 2013. Vestkorn is the only producer in Europe of pea and bean concentrates having achieved this certification from GMP+.

Vestkorn produces and sells ingredients. And thats it! Unlike other suppliers of pea concentrates in Europe, Vestkorn does not produce and sell petfood nor feed. And never will be. You can be 100% secure that buying from Vestkorn is not a support to a business competing with your own. And you can be 100% secure that we do not have a hidden agenda. You can fully trust our integrity.

Vestkorn is also the biggest producer of spilt peas in Europe and kwown for the very high quality pea fiber supplied to the food and petfood industry.