Your answer to high fiber in bread

Fibradan® is a non-gmo gluten-free fiber with properties making it an excellent source of fiber for the baking industry. Fibradan® is a truly 100% Natural fiber made without the use of any processing additives or chemical compounds .

The high fiber content is accomplished by a unique cleaning process. Fibradan® has a very high content of dietary fibers, about 80-90%, which makes Fibradan one of the best fibers available for human consumption.


All Fibradan® products are manufactured on specialized production lines, and we demand strident practices in order to prevent contamination, reassure traceability and deliver stable, high quality products. For this reason all Fibradan® products are also carefully heat treated to achieve state of the art bacteriological standards. Don’t take risk with your brand. Your reputation cannot afford the risk of harmful contaminants or product recalls and it pays to choose a supplier proactive in eliminating safety hazards.

fresh homemade bread assortment

fresh homemade bread assortment

For gluten-free breads, cookies as well as cereals, high fiber content can be a challenge. Fibradan® is the safe gluten-free answer to that challenge. Further Fibradan® is a 100% Natural products and can also be delivered in organic.

The light colour and neutral taste of Fibradan can make even white bread rich in fiber.