Truly organic

Vestkorn is certified organic and offers you truly organic products. In addition to the organic rawmaterial itself, all processing technologies at Vestkorn are 100% Natural. No enzymes or chemicals are used in the production. No preservatives, coloring, taste enhancer or anything else are ever added to the products. Vestkorn can offer you truly organic products.

Pea and bean concentrates

All concentrates from peas and beans are produced by dry milling and air classification and are 100% Natural. Neither chemicals nor enzymes are used in the processing. This makes the Vestkorn concentrates unique compared to pulse isolates from companies like Emsland and Roquette.

Pea Protein

Puffed cereals

When Vestkorn is puffing, the grains or seeds are simply expanded by the use of heat and moisture. By a unique method of processing, grain and seed are carefully heated under pressure. When the pressure is released to atmospheric pressure, the moisture in the grain or seed turns into steam and expands the grain. A 100% Natural process, making the organic rawmaterial a truly organic puffed product.

Some products are called puffed, but are in fact extruded dough and may contain both ingredients like grain flour, sugar, salt, malt flavoring, iron, niacinamide. The Vestkorn puffed products are only the rawmaterial itself.

Decorted peas and split peas

The high quality splitpeas and decorted peas from Vestkorn, are all produced without the use of oil or chemicals. The are simply cleaned, dehulled, splitted, cleaned, polished, dried and cleaned even once again. This is the effort needed to give you the high and 100% Natural quality of Vestkorn.



Fibradan pea fiber

Two kinds of pea fibers are offered in the market. Inner fiber and outer fiber. The inner fiber can only be made by wet processing and the use of abrasive chemicals. Can such a fiber ever be truly called organic or a Natural ingredient? We do not think so.

Fibradan® fiber from Vestkorn is made from the outer fiber by a 100% Natural process. And it is always heat treated to reassure a high bacteriological standard. No preservatives or anything else are added.