Increase your profit: Replace potato- with Vestkorn pea starch

Potato flakes/starch can be fully or partly replaced by Vestkorn pea starch concentrate without changing the final quality of the petfood. The cost saving is however likely to be considerable.

Vestkorn pea starch concentrate is a high quality pea flour with up to 70% starch and 13% protein. It is 100% Natural, low in ANF, highly palatable, grain-free  and has a functionality comparable to many food starches.


The end viscosity of Vestkorn pea starch flour is around 6000 cP, similar to high quality potato starch and corn starch, and considerably higher than potato flakes. The functionality and the attractive pricing of Vestkorn pea starch concentrate makes it a highly relevant ingredient in both petfood and treats.

If you want to learn more, do not hesitate to contact the salesteam of Vestkorn.