Why is fibre important?

If we look at the definition given by famous MayoClinic, dietary fibre includes the parts of plant foods body can’t digest or absorb. Fibre passes relatively intact through the stomach, small intestine and colon and out of the body. Insoluble fibre promotes the movement of material through the digestive system and increases stool bulk.

Fibre is an important part of a healthy balanced diet. It can help prevent many diseases like diabetes, some cancer types, it can also improve digestive health and regulate the weight gain. Both insoluble and soluble fibres help to:

  • normalise bowel movement
  • control blood sugar levels
  • in achieving healthy weight

Vestkorn produces highly concentrated fibre products derived from hulls of the yellow and green peas. The product range of Fibradan , contains up to 93% of dietary fibre.


Figure 1. Dietary fibre content of Fibradan 20

The production process is purely physical. Therefore Fibradan is chemicals- and alcohol-free. This allows us to declare all our products 100% natural.

Pea fibre is an insoluble, moderately fermentable fibre. High level of pectin soluble fibres gives the mild mouthfeel and increases the palatability of this fibre type.


Figure 2. Breakdown of the pea fibre, adopted from, Leterme at al., 1996;  Longstafs and McMcNUB, 1989; in combination with Vestkorn analyses of Fibradan 20

Applications in Pet food:

Pea fibres improve the texture of high-meat pet food diets by helping bind the water and shape the high meat extruded products.

Weight regulation diets:

Fibradan is fairly simple to incorporate into the pet diets. High level of insoluble dietary fibres easily regulates energy rations in the formulations. This feature makes Fibradan perfect fibre source in dietetic or low calory (light) pet formulas.


Cat obesity, illness of the 21st century


Improved bowel movement control

Main functions of insoluble fibre are to move bulk through the intestines and control and balance the pH (acidity). This assures regular excretion and prevents constipation.

Doog bowel.jpg

Hairball control – Cats

Hairball control formulas contain high insoluble fibre content. Fibre helps bowel to move and transport ingested hair. Cats aren’t very fond of fibre ingredients in their diet thus the inclusion levels are limited. Fibradan contains up to 16% of soluble pectins. Pectins have a softening effect which improves mouthfeel and palatability of this particular fibre source. Thus, this feature allows higher inclusion rates in hairball control diets.

hair cat.jpg