PEA STARCH CONCENTRATE: Potential to evolve as mainstream premium dry Petfood


Based on their beneficial nutritional and dietary properties, pea products are widely used in human food products. Pea starch concentrate is now also being more widely used in pet food.

For example, pea starch concentrates are becoming widely used in non-grain pet food, as a replacement for or in combination with other starches like potato, sweet potato, and tapioca.

Based on factors like high palatability, functionality, availability, clean natural label and reasonable price leads towards pea starch concentrate inclusion not only in the non-grain recipes but also in mainstream premium products containing maize (corn) and rice.

Many full grain recipes are struggling with palatability, especially pet foods with poor expansion and low starch cook level. Low degree of starch cook affects digestibility, palatability and stool quality both for dogs and cats. Pea starch concentrate has shown to be easily gelatinized, making the expanded “honeycomb” structure inside of the kibbles.


Vestkorn pea starch concentrate

Picture 1. Vestkorn Pea starch concentrate, electronic microscope analyses

Super premium or high meat products are particularly challenging to produce. High water content of the meat during the production can cause unformed, sticky and dense kibbles.

Pea starch concentrate is an effective binder of water added during extrusion process due to its properties to absorb hot water and form gels. Increased viscosity and gelling properties will result in well-formed and cooked kibbles. In addition, pea starch concentrate, will gradually increase viscosity during cooking in the extruder barrel. This native property, decreases the instability during extrusion and assures the steady and stable production of the pet food (Figure 1). This is perfect for the combination of pea starch with potato products as this property will stabilize the production and assure problem free extrusion.

pea starch vs potato RVA

Figure 1. Potato flakes and Vestkorn pea starch concentrate analysed on rapid visco analysis (RVA) standard method (25g water and 4g sample). Potato flakes show immediate reaction with water while Vestkorn pea starch concentrate gradually increase the viscosity which results in high final quality (gelling) and water holding capacity.

For pet food products, we recommend use of air classified Vestkorn pea starch as it has several advantages. Air classified starch is a 100% natural product, NON GMO, manufactured without chemicals and free of chemical residues Free from mycotoxin risk, naturally rich in minerals,  pea starch concentrate also contains quality proteins that supplements the formula with amino acids such as lysine, leucine, and arginine.

All our products are available as organic or conventional!


  • Non-grain pet food
  • High meat pet food
  • Palatability and digestibility boost of grain-based diets, non-grain diets
  • Improver of quality economy and premium recipes
  • Improve expansion and level of cook for economy and premium products
  • Decrease waste, improve physical kibble quality
  • For premiumisation and perception of the product



  • SAFE
  • FREE FROM PAP (Processed Animal Proteins)
  • 100% Natural (organic version of the product available)