Native pea starch and ColdGel PS70, different functional properties for different product applications

Difference between differently (naturally) processed carbohydrates gives the opportunity to use them in various applications. Bellow, in the video, we would like to illustrate how N – native pea starch flour from Vestkorn and CG – ColdGel PS70 from Vestkorn are acting in contact with cold water.

N – Native pea starch flour from Vestkorn:

It is a raw uncooked pea starch and therefore needs cooking or temperature in combination with water to bind. This product is perfect for cooking processes such as extrusion cooking or other similar processes.

CG – ColdGel PS70 from Vestkorn:

It is a specially precooked pea starch which immediately reacts with cold water and binds it. Therefore this product is used in applications where high levels of fresh meat are produced and where products are handled at low temperatures.

If the product is handled at low temperatures but processed on medium or high (>75C-130C) both products can be used and combined for best binding and texture effects.