Semi-moist snacks: Vestkorn can help with ingredients and parameter settings solving stickiness during production

In the past few years, the production and sales of semi-moist products sales increased. According to GfK, only in US sales of snacks in 2018 increased by 11% compared to the previous year. Euromonitor finds that sales of treats in the EU are predicted to grow by 5% annually until 2022.

Table1. Historical sales of treats and future prediction, EU in US $, millions, source Euromonitor International



2017 2018


Dog treats 1,941 2, 4234 2,526

3, 071

Application of semi-moist snacks is an aid for dental support, reward, training aid, administration of functional ingredients to promote the wellbeing of the animals.


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Semi-moist snacks are usually challenging to produce. The wanted hard texture is possible to obtain by using high levels of the starch. However, starch can give high stickiness during production and in some cases an expansion giving the snack a bubbly surface and uneven appearance.

The stickiness of the product during production is among the most significant challenges:

  • Lowers capacity, as it slows down the extruder
  • Causes snacks with uneven shape
  • Sticking after the extruder-die causes the clumping in pneumatic transport causing blockage along the production line


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The formulation is the key for making the semi-moist snacks in addition to extruder type. The formulation is the interaction of nutrients which are characterized by the different functionalities.  It is essential to combine ingredients rightfully. In our product portfolio, we have ingredients with proven results in semi-moist snacks. If one doesn’t have access to the right formulation, it is crucial to have whom to consult. We are partnering with the acknowledged pet nutrition/technology partner Passion4Feed. Take contact for more information.