Vestkorn launches Pulsetex®: Textured pea protein & faba protein.

Vestkorn launches textured pea protein & textured faba protein to meet the increasing demand for sustainable meat-alternatives. Vestkorn Pulsetex ® Fabaprotein and Vestkorn Pulstex ® Peaprotein.

Vestkorn, a leading producer of pea protein and faba protein, launches a range of textured pea protein and textured faba protein. By the launch Vestkorn targets to meet the increasing demand for sustainable, clean-label textured plant proteins. The ingredients will be presented at Food Ingredients Europe in Paris from 03-05 December, booth 7H27.

Vestkorn textured faba protein – 65% protein, natural & sustainable

The new processing line is co-located with the protein processing plant in Tau, Norway. The processing will be fully integrated with the existing lines for the extraction of protein. This unique in-line setup improves sustainability and ensures the stable quality. To secure short lead times, the ingredients will be distributed from Vestkorn´s location in Denmark. Vestkorn Pulsetex® textured pea protein and textured faba protein are textured proteins based on dry extracted faba- and pea protein. No chemicals are used in the processing and no wastewater is created during production as with wet-processed plant protein. This makes Vestkorn textured pea protein and Vestkorn textured faba protein some of the most sustainable textured proteins available.

Vestkorn textured pea protein – 100% natural & sustainable