LOW SALT textured peaprotein – healthier, easier to use and more sustainable!

Vestkorn uses our natural pea protein concentrate as the basis when producing textured pea protein: Pulsetex®. Our protein contains no salt as it is naturally produced without the use of chemicals, implying very low level of salt in all our textured proteins. This makes the textured proteins from Vestkorn both healthier and easier to use in formulations. In addition, the production process of our peaprotein and fabaprotein is far more sustainable than for protein isolates.

Vestkorn textured pea protein

Many producers of textured peaprotein base their formulas on pea protein isolate adding some amount of peaflour and/or peafibre. However one disadvantage of pea protein isolate is the typical high level of salt. Pea protein isolate is produced by the use of an acid, and later in the process a base is used to neutralise the acid. The residue of this process gives the high level of salt in the isolate and in the textured protein based on isolate. Some producers of isolate are about to change the base used to neutralise the acid, as an answer to the salt issue. However this will imply another residue in the isolate, like increased level of calcium. An increased level of calcium may give legal limitations of use in some markets. #vegan #glutenfree #sustainablefood #klimakur #foodinnovation

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