Do you want this in your pea protein?

Vestkorn off-grade from cleaning of peas

Peas and beans are typically rotation crops. And most farmers growing legumes also grow grains. Further much of the same equipments, storage and system of transportation are used. Therefore one should always expect to have a certain amount of contamination of grains, as well as other impurities, when buying legumes from a farmer.

#Vestkorn has a thorough cleaning system to reassure the removal of grains and impurities from the #sustainable peas and beans we are using. It creates a higher cleaning loss to reach the highest standards, and Vestkorn has no doubt that is it worth the price. Without content, “Premium” is only an empty word without trustworthiness, and a positioning ready to be attacked and challenged. Vestkorn walks the talk, and to achieve premium pea and faba protein, premium cleaning is a necessity. That is why we run our raw material through many cleaning steps and analyses and register the efficiency of cleaning continuously.

Are you in control of the contamination / foreign material in the pea protein you buy? And are you fine with the numbers?

Below a video of some of the off-grade removed by Vestkorn during the cleaning of peas.