Vestkorn attends the 6th Nordic Pet Food Conference and Exhibition starting tomorrow

Vestkorn is a proud Super-Premium sponsor also this year for the 6th Nordic Pet Food Conference & Exhibition 29 – 30 September 2020. We see this arena as a great opportunity to connect with people in the pet food industry and also gain new market insights.

Recently the company launched VESTKORN COLDGEL PS70 PETFOOD which fit perfectly well into its existing plant-based product portfolio. Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 a highly digestible, palatable and is a very effective binder ideal for the cold and steam pressed pet food. You can connect with Vestkorn´s sales representatives at the virtual stand to get more information about this unique product and other sustainable petfood ingredients from Vestkorn. 

Vestkorn´s sales experts in Petfood are available at the stand 29 – 30 September, but you can also contact all participants from Vestkorn during the whole event. Feel free to ask for a meeting if you would like to know more about Vestkorn and its sustainable petfood ingredients.

Read more about the Nordic Petfood Conference & Exhibition here:

Vestkorn produces a variety of petfood ingredients, all 100% natural

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