How much gluten do you accept in your pea protein?

Are you happy with an analysis verifying below 20ppm gluten in your pea- and faba protein?

We think you shouldn´t. If you want to secure the food you produce is gluten-free in every bite, you better look beyond the analysis.

If a representative sample says <20ppm gluten, it may well be that some of the product contains more. This can also be the case even if the analysis says <10ppm gluten. Reassuring #gluten-free requires far more. It should highly influence many parts of your internal control system and operating procedures and should also play a central role in both operational as well as strategic decisions with the aim to secure gluten-free not only in the representative sample but in any sample.

To achieve this, #Vestkorn has taken many actions.

Peas and faba beans are typically rotation crops, and a contamination with grain should be expected. Therefore, Vestkorn has a thorough system involving many steps in order to clean the raw materials properly. And we play safe when choosing both the sieves and the load on our cleaners.

One of many cleaners at Vestkorn

However, if you have a big concentrated contamination of grains, even a great system for cleaning will have difficulties removing it all. Such a contamination are more likely to happen if you also uses your storage & transportation system for grains. A cleaning of the transportation system or the silos not done properly or a leakage, and suddenly you have a concentrated contamination resulting in more than 20ppm gluten in some of the protein, even if the average value is below.

Vestkorn plays safe. We never store nor handle grains, soy meal, soy beans or any other allergen crop in our silos. How do you play?

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Gluten-free textured pea protein from Vestkorn in every bite.