Trends in petfood

Top 3 trends in petfood from Nielsen at PetfoodForum USA 2018: 1) Clean ingredients, 2) Functional food, 3) Protein: Type, source Vestkorn deliveres on many of these trends. Contact us to learn more!      

Happy Easter

The high mountains of Norway can be cold and windy. This is one of the very few days with the exact opposite. I want to use this lovely day to wish friends, colleagues and customers a Happy Easter from Hardangervidda, Norway. Aslak Lie, CEO, Vestkorn

Renewable energy since 1855

The history of Vestkorn goes back to 1855, long before anyone of us were born. Businessmen from Stavanger wanted to build a mill and needed power. They found what they were looking for in Tau, and a mill driven by direct water-power was established. Since that time, in 162 years, the renewable energy has been…

Increase your profit: Replace potato- with Vestkorn pea starch

Potato flakes/starch can be fully or partly replaced by Vestkorn pea starch concentrate without changing the final quality of the petfood. The cost saving is however likely to be considerable. Vestkorn pea starch concentrate is a high quality pea flour with up to 70% starch and 13% protein. It is 100% Natural, low in ANF, highly…

Difference between concentrates and isolates

Both Natural and Organic are segments showing growth. But was is natural and organic when it comes to pea ingredients? Is a pea protein isolate or a pea starch isolate made by the use of chemicals like Anti foaming agents, Nitric acid, Sodium hydroxide or Sodium bisulphite natural? And can an organic rawmaterial end up…