Trends in petfood

Top 3 trends in petfood from Nielsen at PetfoodForum USA 2018: 1) Clean ingredients, 2) Functional food, 3) Protein: Type, source Vestkorn deliveres on many of these trends. Contact us to learn more!

Happy Easter

The high mountains of Norway can be cold and windy. This is one of the very few days with the exact opposite. I want to use this lovely day to wish friends, colleagues and customers a Happy Easter from Hardangervidda, Norway. Aslak Lie, CEO, Vestkorn

Dry pet food extrusion

Extrusion is widely used in manufacturing industry (food/feed, plastic, etc.) to produce different shapes, all regards to what customer wants. Food extrusion system is much more complexed compared to plastic extrusion system. A simple reason to that is a number of ingredients used for forming an extruded product, known as pellets or kibbles so predicting…